Find here all the answers to the frequent questions you ask yourself!

Do you do customization on demand ?
Yes, this is one of our specialties. Each of our models can be made on request in another color or another pattern, so think of contacting us!

Do you do click and collect ?
Yes of course we do! We advocate local consumption! By appointment, you can pick up your order at the workshop, or come and choose your favorite fabric to have one of our models made in the color and/or pattern of your choice!

Why theme fashion instead of classic fashion?
A garment expresses the personality of each person, and we all have different personalities… Like Disneybounding, we wanted to offer you clothes and accessories that represent you. Ambrine Carrara, our designer, is also the creator of the sumptuous Haute Couture costumes of Il était une fois Made in France, a show and shooting company with historical, fairy and cosplay themes. That’s why she wanted to propose clothes and accessories that take up these themes, to be able to live her passion for a character, a universe, an era on a daily basis!

What is a disneybound?
The concept of Disneybounding is to compose an outfit with colors and patterns inspired by a favorite fairy tale character with ready-to-wear clothes. Chérie et Dandy has chosen to push the trend even further by also offering historical themes based on the same principle.

You still have questions?
Contact the designer directly!

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